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A Record of Accomplishment in Mediation and Arbitration

The lawyers at Willoughby, Stuart, Bening & Cook (WSBC) have an enviable record of accomplishment in mediation and arbitration. They have handled more than 500 mediations and have a success rate that approaches 100 percent. The mediation and arbitration team is lead by attorney Bradley A Bening, who has been providing alternative dispute resolution services for many years. He acts as a mediator or an arbitrator and is often appointed as a Special Master by the court. He also represents clients in some mediation and arbitration sessions.

Benefits of Using WSBC During Mediation

The success rate of WSBC is due in large part to the firm’s approach to any type of alternative dispute resolution. WSBC lawyers understand and relate to all parties involved in mediation because they have represented so many plaintiffs and defendants as litigators. They are analytical and creative, focusing on the facts at issue in the case. As a Special Master, Mr. Bening has resolved numerous complex business and insurance matters, using his authority as a mediator to achieve consensus among the parties.

Using Litigation and Trial Experience to Inform Mediation Practice

Because of the firm’s experience with business, insurance, real estate and construction, and intellectual property litigation, clients can be assured that their mediation is being handled by an attorney who understands their business and their personal concerns.

Mediation is Often a Contractual Obligation

Many construction and other contracts require the signatories to use mediation or arbitration as the first step in resolving disputes. In some insurance contracts, mediation or arbitration is the only way to resolve disputes. An obligation to try mediation is an increasingly common requirement in almost any type of legal contract. Despite the growing use of alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation, few attorneys have the level of experience in this area possessed by Mr. Bening and other lawyers in the firm.

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