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Intellectual Property Attorneys

The lawyers at the San Jose law firm, Willoughby, Stuart, Bening & Cook (WSBC), help clients in matters related to intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets. Competition in the business world is fierce, sometimes to the point where rival businesses will steal information to gain an advantage or maintain market share. WSB provides clients with the means to protect intellectual property and trade secrets so their organizations remain competitive

A Boutique Law Firm to Handle Intellectual Property Disputes

WSBC attorneys advocate for clients in all types of IP disputes. Our goal is to protect clients’ best interests in matters such as:

  • Critical and confidential information sharing
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets following termination from a company
  • Solicitation of trade secrets from competitor employees
  • Disputes over intellectual property ownership
  • Corporate intellectual property disputes
  • Internet intellectual property disputes
  • Literary intellectual property concerns for major publishers and producers
  • Licenses and allocation of royalties

Practical and Creative Solutions to IP Problems

As with all areas of their legal practice, the firm’s attorneys provide a practical and creative approach to resolving clients’ legal problems. The goal is to provide the most cost-effective resolution of the client’s intellectual property dispute. Whether the solution requires full litigation or can be arrived at through creative use of patents, licenses and royalties, WSBC is able to provide clients with protection for their intellectual property or trade secrets.

Intellectual Property Clients

WSBC advocates for individuals and medium to large-sized businesses in intellectual property matters. Clients have included software developers, hardware manufacturers, inventors, graphic and web design firms, publishing houses and many other types of industries whose success is based on their intellectual property or trade secrets.

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