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Representing Business Organizations in Litigation

The attorneys at Willoughby, Stuart, Bening & Cook (WSBC) represent a diverse clientele in a wide range of business litigation. The firm’s clients in business litigation matters include any for-profit activity or enterprise, including publicly-held companies, corporations, partnerships and other formal entities. Clients have included organizations such as these:

  • Software developers
  • Semiconductor manufacturers
  • Commercial building owners
  • Law firms
  • Real estate companies
  • Medical organizations
  • Media companies
  • Construction companies

The firm is able to represent clients in matters such as business torts, class actions, complex contract disputes, financial forensics, government investigations, partnership disputes, international disputes, securities and antitrust matters and intellectual property claims. Many clients have established long-term arrangements with the firm; these personal relationships are very important to the firm’s lawyers.

Commitment and Services

The firm’s attorneys offer clients a pragmatic, problem-solving approach to business disputes that seeks resolution in an efficient and satisfying manner. They have achieved or defended against pre-judgment remedies (including pre-judgment orders for writs of possession), attachments, temporary restraining orders and injunctions. They have also assisted with the development of arbitration or mediation settlements and structured monetary compensation settlements resulting from lawsuits. The lawyers are dedicated to exploring all possible methods of achieving a favorable resolution for a client, from contract consulting to trial.

Acting to Prevent Litigation

Many clients use the firm for a variety of transactions as well as for litigation. When representing clients in transactional work, WSBC attorneys take a proactive approach in order to prevent disputes from arising. They also oversee mergers, acquisitions and real estate transactions. In this way, the firm is attentive to the financial situations of clients, helping them avoid costly litigation.

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